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New book coming in 2018!

Phew! 2017 and this year have been busy for me. In fact, I almost doubled the amount of books I have out! I released the box set for the Irish Lottery Series, then the spin-off about Ursula and Jed Barnett's daughter Gretchen, Emergency Exit, then the first Jet Lag Jerry book about Beijing and the Great Wall of China, then the short story and novelette Table for Nine at Kebabalicious, and The Way To A Man's Heart or Strange Things On Plates.

Yes, a lot exciting things (well, for me anyway) came out, but I know a new Flood/Barnett book hasn't come out since Static Cling at the end of 2016! And Ursula and Jed weren't even in that book, stuck in Wisconsin as they are. But all that's about to change in September or so. I'm working furiously on a new book, tentatively titled Sagging Clothes Pegs and The God Particle (hmm, maybe it'll be Dirty Dishes and The God Particle), all about Fionnuala and Ursula heading to CERN in Switzerland and the Large Hadron Collider.

It's the world's biggest machine. If you don't know, it's a 27 km underground tunnel at the Swiss/French border where particles are speeded up to close to the speed of light, then collided into each other so scientists can examine, well, the detritus, let's say, that flies out. Others say they make black holes there, and it's the portal to hell. I'm absolutely fascinated by it, and in fact visited CERN on a trip to Geneva a few years ago. No, I haven't started writing sci-fi, but wondered what would happen if Fionnuala got near it with a screwdriver in her hand. Hilarity is sure to follow!

I hope this sounds exciting/interesting to you! I'm having a blast writing it! I hope you look out for it; you can go to the 'contacts' page here and sign up for my mailing list if you want to be the first one on your block to get your hands on copy! More info coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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