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Yes, a new book is coming...!!

So sorry I haven't posted anything since last June! And I'm afraid I lied! A new book never came out in 2018, but I did get around to releasing a novella (The Way To A Man's Heart or Strange Things On Plates), a second Box Set, a novelette (A Very Fionnuala Christmas) and an anthology of all my shorter works (When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling). The latter two just came out in the past few weeks! So, ha ha, yes, I guess that was all procrastination, putting off writing what will be the next in the Derry Women series, Dirty Laundry and the God Particle! Not really putting off, as I've been working on it off and on (between watching episodes of Derry Girls, ha ha.)

I'm happy to say I have a sneak peek of the cover for you to see here! I hope you like it, and I hope it makes you as excited for the new book as I am to finally finish it! ETA is now, I suppose, April or May.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me, and those who have signed up for my mailing list. I've been shocked and delighted by the response! Who knew there would be so many fans of my work? Really, I thank you so much! If you signed up, originally you got the short story Table For Nine At Kebabalicious for free. Now you get the short story anthology When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling. If you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for?! Go to the link on this site marked Contacts, and you'll see the form; soon you'll be reading your copy of When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling!

Okay, until the next release, I hope you all have a very enjoyable Winter and Spring!

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