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The second Jet Lag Jerry book is here...and more!

Yay! Finally! Jet Lag Jerry's second adventure to the Seven Modern Wonders of the World it out! I should've finished this book two years ago. I guess I got busy. If you're only interested in the Derry Women series, this might not instill a shiver of excitement in you, but for those of you who want to read about my trip to Peru and Machu Picchu, I hope you can have a look! Here's the link to the ebook (the pics are in color in the ebook)

And here's the paperback link (unfortunately only black and white photos):

And, now that that's out of the way, I promise I'll focus on the next Derry Women book. I've changed the name to Delinquent Housekeeping and the God Particle, and I've also got a new cover for it. And speaking of covers, although I really do love Marco Maldera's cover for Static Cling (and I told him what I wanted on it), I always thought it was a bit confusing for readers to know what the book was about, so I've made a new cover. Have a look at everything down below! And now I'll get back to writing Delinquent Housekeeping...! Have a great summer, everyone!

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