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Wow! PG Versions of all my books now available!

I don't know why I didn't think of this before! People either love my books or hate them, and those that don't like them usually say it's the language that does it. So...for those of you who don't like strong language, I've made PG versions of the first five books in my Derry Women Series. Now there is a Derry Woman Series: The PG Version. Personally, I think the books as I originally wrote them are exactly how they should be, but I understand some people don't like 'coarse/crude/vulgar/strong' (take your pick) language. I set out writing books to entertain, not to disgust. So if you would prefer a bit of a gentler read, maybe these versions of the books are for you!! Enjoy!!

:) (PS I'll get around to making PG versions of the others in the series soon, I'm sure...And I hope no bad words accidentally slipped into these PG versions. I did my best, but sometimes you never know.

They even have their own series page on Amazon now, the Derry Women Series: PG Version. Just click on any of the books above to have a look! Come on, you know you want to! What marvelous gifts for the entire family!


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