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New Book...out Nov. 20!

Hi guys! I'm very excited to tell you all that I've got a new book coming out November 20th, just in time for you to read during that trip home for Thanksgiving. It's called The Secret of Ursula's Irish Stew, and is the tenth in the Derry Women Series. I've been having a blast writing it. This one, I must admit, is very different from the others, as it's a prequel of sorts. We leave Derry (and Wisconsin) behind, and travel back to the 80s, when Jed Barnett was stationed on the US military base in, of all places, Keflavik, Iceland. And, of course, his wife Ursula is with him. When Ursula and Reenie are roped into serving Irish stew for an ever increasing number of hungry troops, they have no idea what dark secrets will be unleashed. A bit of Hiberno-Scandi Noir Humor, anyone? It's already available for pre-order on Amazon! I hope you'll have a look here!

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