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At long last...Useless is out!

Sorry for not posting here on a more regular basis. We've all had our worlds turned upside down, I know. Hopefully there are better times ahead for us all. And, sadly, The Secret of Ursula's Irish Stew is still not finished. But! I buckled down during lockdown and finally finished what is now book 10 in the Derry Women Series, Useless. Here's the blurb:

Delinquent housekeeping meets the God particle.

When shambolic mother Fionnuala Flood delivers her first child Moira at the beginning of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, it's an uncertain and violent time and a very difficult birth, the memory of which will haunt Fionnuala always. More difficult for her to come to terms with is what Moira eventually reveals herself to be: a useless daughter.

Twenty-five years later, third son Padraig is catching hell on the Moorside's mean streets. To help him out, Fionnuala puts in motion a chain reaction that will unleash her most audacious plan yet, a plan that leads her back to Moira and the girl's shocking new scientist job in Switzerland.

Throw into the mix Fionnuala's arch enemies, Ursula and Jed Barnett, and you have a touching and uproarious darkly comic tale with a little science, a lot of family dysfunction and hopefully some reconciliation.

Contains the previously-released prequel A Difficult Birth.

It was fun to write; hopefully it will be just as fun for you to read! I hope you get it, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it. And, don't worry, now I'm trying my best to finish The Secret of Ursula's Irish Stew. Let's see how I do...!

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