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Wind Chill out now!

At long last, the 12th in the Derry Women series (and the eighth full-length novel) Wind Chill: The Many Secrets of Ursula's Irish Stew has dropped! Sales have been amazing, and I think I have not only my regular fans to thank for that, but also my old friends and classmates from AT Mahan High School in Keflavik, Iceland!

In this book, we travel back a few decades to the Cold War. US Naval Master Chief Jed Barnett is stationed on the US base in Iceland, and of course his family--wife Ursula and kids Vaughn, Bert and Gretchen--are there with him. Ursula and her best Derry girlfriend Reenie get roped into serving stew for the troops up there where the sun never sets or rises (depending on the season), but just what is the secret that Ursula's Flood family stew holds? Get set for another rollercoaster ride of hilarity and heartbreak!

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