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Gerald Hansen Books 


Before there were Derry Girls, there were...Derry Women! Who do you think gave birth to the girls? Join the more than 100,000 readers all over the world. who have enjoyed the dark humor and family feuds of the Derry Women Series, set in Derry, Northern Ireland 

"Brilliant! The characters will make you laugh and fume and cry"--Colin Quinn

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When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Fionnuala
Wind Chill
A Backstitch In Spacetime
An Embarrassment of Riches
Hand In The Till
Best Served Frozen
Fleeing The Jurisdiction
Table For Nine At Kebabalicious
The Way To A Man's Heart
Static Cling
Emergency Exit
A Very Fionnuala Christmas
Beijing and the Great Wall Of China
Box Set Two
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